Friday, April 6, 2007

Famous Forgers Part I

Han Van Megeeren:
Imprisoned and accused of selling a Vermeer to Goering under Hitler’s reign –which amounted to treason—Van Megeeren produced an exquisite forgery while in jail to prove that he had sold Goering one of his own copies. The charges were commuted to forgery.Elmyr de Hory:
A prolific and versatile forger, de Hory claims that ninety percent of his fakes have gone undetected and hang on museum walls.
You can learn more about Elmyr de Hory in Clifford Irving's book, Fake. Speaking of Irving, the movie detailing his HOAX will be out April 13th, and if you need an excuse to see Richard Gere looking fabulous, well, there's one for you!

More famous forgers to come...happy weekend!

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