Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring begins...and brings the Popular Culture Association to San Francisco!

(At left: Phoenix in two guises. A gorgeous natural setting...and what we've done to it. Hmm.)
I just returned from Phoenix, where I installed Sloth (see earlier posting about the first of the seven deadly sins) for a wealthy client. She looks lovely lounging by a fountain...I'll post pictures soon. Phoenix was warm and breezy, and our hotel had FOUR pools, plus what they claim to be the biggest jacuzzi in Arizona. I don't care much for golfing or driving around in air conditioned cars, but I do love swimming!

But now I'm off to speak at the Popular Culture Association along with Simon Wood and Mark Coggins. This time the conference is at the San Francisco Marriott on Fourth Street.

Above: the Art Deco-inspired facade of the San Francisco Marriott
Simon, Mark and I will be chatting about mysteries...after all, what could be more popular? If you happen to be in the area Friday, March 21, at 8:30, look for us on stage...or in the bar!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Off to Left Coast Crime!

I'm off to Left Coast Crime, a great mystery convention, held this year in Denver.

I've only been in Denver once, and that was passing through as I went to an anthropology conference in Boulder, years and years ago (another lifetime....)
This time I look forward to the Tequila bus tour of famous Denver murders, led by the invincible Mario Acevedo. I've got my salt shaker ready, Mario...

(Mario writes vampire novels...can you tell?)

On Saturday morning, early (8:30, which will be 7:30 to us West Coasters--someone bring Peet's coffee!!!) I'll be on a panel entitled "Kick Ass Women on a Mission," along with Nancy Pickard, Carolyn Hart, and Roberta Isleib. I always wanted to be thought of as a "Kick-Ass Woman"! (Apparently this is in reference to our heading up local and national chapters of Sisters in Crime, but I like to think I give off that vibe anyway.)

So if you happen to be near Denver...stop on by!!!