Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Agatha

Wow...we just got notice that Feint of Art has been nominated for an Agatha best first novel award.
You will remember a while back, we posted about attending the Malice Domestic Conference in Arlington, VA in May. Well, the Agatha is presented at this conference.
It is quite an honor to be nominated, but, of course, we do want to win! You can join us there or become a Friend of Malice.

Find out more about the Agatha here. Here's the complete slate of nominees for the best first novel, best novel, best non-fiction, best short story and best young adult novel.

You can see the entire list of nominees on Lesa Holstine's blog as well. Thank you, Lesa, for your congratulations and support!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Radio Sugar

I don't know if any of you were listening to Sarah and No Name on 97.3 RadioAlice this morning, but we got a special shout out.

Ah networking, what a wonderful thing. Honestly, you just never know what it will do for you.

Remember back in November I attended a Sisters in Crime conference in Hollywood? Well, I met an author, well actually many authors, on that trip named A H Ream. She writes mysteries based in Los Angeles. I told her about my series based in San Francisco/Oakland. She decided to send a set of my books to her best friend who lives in San Francisco. [Why yes, they do make a great gift for your friends!]

Her friend, Janice, read the books, and loved them! Janice noticed that I mentioned the radio show Sarah and No Name. She wrote the radio station an email and today they read it on the air!

Thanks to Janice, AH Ream and Sarah and No Name for the shout out! It's nice to be appreciated.

So, if you get a chance, check out AH Ream's blog and share your thoughts with your favorite radio station.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Book Fodder??

Perusing the local paper online today, I came across some interesting developments in the Bay Area art scene.

This definitely sounds like an inside job. Well, at least, it doesn't have the Michael fingerprint. He would have left some forgeries in their stead, and it would have been a while before it was discovered!

Any ideas on how to incorporate this amateur lifting into the series??

Monday, February 19, 2007

50 Ways to Catch a Killer

Another fabulous opportunity from Sisters in Crime!

Those of you who love forensic science books and shows, and writers who want to learn more about forensic science and police procedure have a terrific opportunity to hear from experts, thanks to Sisters in Crime.

The St. Louis Chapter is organizing the first Sisters in Crime Forensic University of St. Louis, "50 Ways to Catch a Killer," which will be held November 1-4, 2007.

The event will provide many hours of presentations on forensic science and police procedure, cover both the basics and give you choices for programs on a wide range of specialized topics -- and it will be a lot fun, too! You'll also get a useful handbook that will provide additional information and resources. We've already got some fantastic speakers lined up, including one of the best medical examiners in the country and a top-notch forensic anthropologist.

The event is at the St. Louis Airport Hilton; the size of the conference is limited to 200. Register quickly as the spaces are limited. Check the website for more details.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

MY Favorite Things

Oprah's not the only one with favorite things. My favorite things end up all over the books... here are a few.

"He snorted in a most un-Mr.-Darcy-like fashion."

"Flor de Cana rum really packed a punch."

"Humming to myself, I took the whistling kettle from the stove and poured boiling water over a coneful of freshly ground Peet's French Roast coffee."

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY -- I hope it's full of your favorite things!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Oakland, aka HOME to Annie

Hopping into my truck, I drove across the Bay Bridge to Oakland, exited at Grand Avenue, and veered right toward Lake Merritt.
The meandering lake was highlighted by a necklace of romantic white lights, and even at this hour its two-mile path was crowded with energetic joggers, strolling lovers, and cranky Canada geese.

Monday, February 12, 2007


Still recovering from the Left Coast Crime Conference, but already preparing for MALICE DOMESTIC in Arlington, Virginia in May.This is a great place for mystery readers to meet mystery writers...and of course, for authors to meet and hopefully woo new readers!

Here's what the conference planners say:
Malice Domestic is a fan based convention so programming is selected to enhance the fans' experience with new authors, favorite authors, and the mystery genre exemplified by cozy mysteries in the style of Agatha Christie.
If you have always wanted to visit Arlington, already live there, and/or love mysteries, please join us! I would love to meet you.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Pre-Valentine's Day

Joan Swan needs a tagline for her latest book, and she's willing to repay someone's ingenuity and wit with CHOCOLATE.

I was browsing Romance Worth Killing For, an industry blog that Joan shares with four other writers, when I found her contest.

Here are some of the details from Joan's post:

Here are a few kernals of direction from the class:"...your brand expands outward to encompass what you write. Your genre, your character types, etc. For example someone who writes about redemption through love is not sticking to their brand when they say all relationships are painful during an interview. You are trying to point to the things that redemption brings: hope, trust, love, etc. and hopefully show how you support those things. When Christina Skye says to people "Life is an adventure" she's conveying not only support for the genre in which her books are slotted (romantic suspense), but also to the very core of her brand being about the need to discover the inner potential in all of us or,
boiled down, discover sustains us. "
So, here are some parameters:
-I write romantic suspense -- about 50/50
-My heros are from law enforcement backgrounds
-My heroines are intelligent and strong with a soft core
-My plots involve murder (sometimes multiple murders)
-My theme always seems to involve trust as a core issue with one or both characters
Messages I want to convey to my reader about my work: Unique, rich characters, deep intruigue, sexy sex, sexual tension, emotional, satisfying
And, I'm planning on (someday over the rainbow) expanding my heros and heroines into firefighting careers

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Sisters in Crime Survey

Mystery lovers (readers and writers) have your say.

Sisters in Crime, with the help of Zoomerang, is conducting a survey about mystery readers. This link will take you directly to the survey.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Book Discussion - South San Francisco

Saturday, February 24th, 12noon, South San Francisco Library: Women of Mystery discussion of Sue Grafton. This is part of So. San Francisco Library’s Women of Mystery Program.

South San Francisco Library is located at 840 West Orange Avenue, So. San Francisco, 94080.