Sunday, February 11, 2007

Pre-Valentine's Day

Joan Swan needs a tagline for her latest book, and she's willing to repay someone's ingenuity and wit with CHOCOLATE.

I was browsing Romance Worth Killing For, an industry blog that Joan shares with four other writers, when I found her contest.

Here are some of the details from Joan's post:

Here are a few kernals of direction from the class:"...your brand expands outward to encompass what you write. Your genre, your character types, etc. For example someone who writes about redemption through love is not sticking to their brand when they say all relationships are painful during an interview. You are trying to point to the things that redemption brings: hope, trust, love, etc. and hopefully show how you support those things. When Christina Skye says to people "Life is an adventure" she's conveying not only support for the genre in which her books are slotted (romantic suspense), but also to the very core of her brand being about the need to discover the inner potential in all of us or,
boiled down, discover sustains us. "
So, here are some parameters:
-I write romantic suspense -- about 50/50
-My heros are from law enforcement backgrounds
-My heroines are intelligent and strong with a soft core
-My plots involve murder (sometimes multiple murders)
-My theme always seems to involve trust as a core issue with one or both characters
Messages I want to convey to my reader about my work: Unique, rich characters, deep intruigue, sexy sex, sexual tension, emotional, satisfying
And, I'm planning on (someday over the rainbow) expanding my heros and heroines into firefighting careers

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Joan Swan said...

WOW, Hailey!! That's AWESOME!!!

Looking forward to the feedback. I'm going to post it again now at RWCList--I didn't follow their rules last Sunday, so it didn't get advertised. :-(

I'm picking a winner/winners on Feb 14th!

Thanks for passing it along!