Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Agatha

Wow...we just got notice that Feint of Art has been nominated for an Agatha best first novel award.
You will remember a while back, we posted about attending the Malice Domestic Conference in Arlington, VA in May. Well, the Agatha is presented at this conference.
It is quite an honor to be nominated, but, of course, we do want to win! You can join us there or become a Friend of Malice.

Find out more about the Agatha here. Here's the complete slate of nominees for the best first novel, best novel, best non-fiction, best short story and best young adult novel.

You can see the entire list of nominees on Lesa Holstine's blog as well. Thank you, Lesa, for your congratulations and support!


Lesa said...

Good luck with Feint of Art! You deserve the congratulations!

Lesa said...

Congratulations is in order for a Best First Nomincation for Feint of Art. You deserve it!

shay said...

this ROCKS! congratulations!! you better start clearing a shelf for these things...