Tuesday, January 2, 2007

We have a winner!

Barbara Hussey, of New Orleans, is the lucky winner of a portrait to be painted by Julie, the Oakland-based-artist-half of Hailey Lind (some examples of Julie’s work).

Barbara and her husband were forced from their home last year because of the Katrina disaster – and have been forced to move another four times this year! While living in a FEMA trailer outside of Baton Rouge, Barbara happened upon Feint of Art, the first book in the Art Lovers Mystery Series, and said reading the novel allowed her some respite from her overwhelming troubles.

What better praise for an author? Barbara has requested that the portrait be painted of her late mother. Unfortunately, many family photographs were lost in the flood, but Barbara is gathering copies from friends and relatives. With a little artistic license, Julie hopes to create a beautiful portrait honoring Barbara’s mother.

Check back to see periodic updates on the portrait as it develops!

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