Sunday, October 29, 2006


I hope to see you all tonight at the GHOST WALK!

The Chapel of the Chimes is an incredible place. If you have never visited, tonight's event with Sisters in Crime is a great opportunity to see this building rebuilt with designs by Julia Morgan.

For the history buffs, you might want to check out the politicians buried at Chapel of the Chimes. There are other famous and noteworthy people buried at the Chapel. There really is something for everyone at this MUST SEE!

If you can't get out to the GHOST WALK tonight, and you are local, you will want to make a trip sometime. The Chapel sponsers events monthly including a guided tour.

I have a soft spot for this beautiful gem in Oakland partly because I appreciate its beauty and historical significance. I also thought it would make a great backdrop for some intrigue in BOOK 3. So, a little field trip to the Chapel will help get you ready for Brush with Death. If you can't wait, please see the sneak peek for book three on my website.

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Love that place