Thursday, May 17, 2012

An Awkward Adolescence

The last couple of weeks, my manuscript for the fifth book in the Witchcraft Mystery series, Tarnished and Torn, has been in an awkward adolescence.  Scenes and sentences stick out awkwardly, smashing themselves on door frames and knocking over mom's favorite vase.  It's geeky and clumsy and doesn't quite know what it wants to say.  Too loud in some areas, too hushed in others...the timing's lousy.

It would be easy enough to give up on it...except that I'm its mother.  I can see a brilliant future shining through T&T's acne and braces.  There are occasional moments of grace and humor that catch me by surprise, and instances of vulnerability and beauty when I can see the sweet curve of its neck and want to reach out and stroke it, but I hesitate: I don't want to embarrass it. 

So instead...the two of us will keep living together, working toward maturation.  It's a difficult process, and like the proverbial making-of-the-sausage, it's probably best not to witness it, but to wait for the final product. 

Fingers crossed, it will be worth the struggle!

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