Saturday, May 26, 2012

Audio Book Giveaway! Secondhand Spirits, read by Xe Sands

I received this amazing package in the mail the other day...with Secondhand Spirits read by Xe Sands

It's a 7-CD set, and Xe reads the book all the way through in a melodious, graceful voice.

It's so funny...there are sections that she reads in a different way than I heard them in my mind, and yet  somehow it seems right.

So for the long Memorial Day weekend, I'm announcing a contest:  leave me a comment that includes an idea for future blog posts, and 1 week from today I'll pick a winner and send out the audio version of Secondhand Spirits, read by the wonderful Xe Sands!


Nikki H said...

Love the series! Can't wait to listen to this!

cyn209 said...

interesting giveaway!!!!
ideas for future blog post??? i've always asked new friends the following:
1 - who was your 1st celebrity crush??
2- who/what did you see at your 1st concert????
3- what is your earliest memory????

thank you for the giveaway!!!

cyn209 at juno dot com

le0pard13 said...

This sounds good. Please put me down for a chance at this. Thanks.

Elizabeth said...

Me! Me! I have the book and been wanting to lidtn to audio book while sweing.

Sjhkitten said...

Perhaps a blog post on your favorite authors who write under multiple pen-names. I find it interesting when I find an author who writes under several different pseudonyms, especially if there are multiple genres.

Jen said...

O.k. let's get this party started!

My suggestion would be a post about what's in your beach bag for this summer.


When you go to the beach, take pictures of people reading and do a post about what they're choosing to read.

I'll think some on this and maybe come back to offer some other suggestions.

O.k. who's next?

buttercup_76 said...

You could do a future post on what it's like to have two separate series going at the same time :)

kiki w said...

Cool gveaway.

Ideals on future blogs.
1. Name one author you would love to meet and why.

2. Name one character you would love to be.

Nikki said...

I was thinking that maybe you could talk about some of the renovations you have done/are working on for historic homes. I'm a big fan of restoring homes to their former glory and always get excited seeing great craftsmanship.

Jim McDonough @gentjim325 said...

Posting about what books and what authors you read and enjoy would be great!

Trudy said...

I loooove audiobooks!!


1- Talk about audiobooks - making one from the author's side, how much input you have in the process and how it is narrated.

2- Have Xe Sands do a guest blog and talk about narrating your books. -Could even do an audio post of you interviewing her about it.

3- Blog about what your family and friends think about your writing. How does your family handle your unconventional schedule?

4- Pick a specific character and talk about where their personality came from.

Thanks for offering this great giveaway!!!!

Hailey.Juliet said...

Thanks for your comments, everyone, and ESPECIALLY for the great blog ideas! I'm writing them all down on my list!

pk said...

Love your books An audio of one would be most welcome. How could anyone not thing that a vintage clothing store isn't the best idea. I'd love to own one, but it would have to have a bookstore in it too.

Linda Henderson said...

I always enjoy hearing what books authors are reading. What's on your TBR pile and information on upcoming books.

Jessika Diamond said...

Since what got me most excited about your books was the vivid, accurate detail work - the first time I emailed you was to thank you for getting Children's Hospital's full name correct, which no one ever does (I was the person at CHO who supervises outside fundraisers, and 90 per cent of them got our name wrong!) - I'd love to read about the kind of research you do, beyond just living there, to be accurate - and why it is so important to you.

And how you decide when to be realistic, and when to make up details. :)

Nikki H said...

An idea for blog comments? How about your favorite vintage designs or your favorite shops in San Francisco? I'd love to read about what inspired Lily's world!

I commented above, but didn't realize I needed to include blog ideas. Thanks!

Angkrosnick said...

I just love listening to books! Let see, I love to hear about how you (authors) come up with things..and go more into behind the story too!
Oh give us hints on the next book! :)

Angkrosnick said...

I just love listening to books!
Lets see, I love to hear more behind the story.
Also, things that didn't make it in the book.