Monday, June 11, 2012

New Books!

Marketing.  Speaking strictly for's a draaaaag. 

Which might explain why I've made nary a peep that my newest book, IN A WITCH'S WARDROBE, is coming out in a couple of weeks!  July 3, to be precise.  Just in time for beach reading, mountain reading, garden get the drift :-) In time for vacation, or at least sunny evenings after work! 

Sooo, here 'tis:  

Pretty, huh?  I can't take any credit for the artwork, of course -- that's all due to the brilliant Victor Rivas, an illustrator from Spain. 

In IN A WITCH'S WARDROBE Lily encounters a sinister sleeping spell while at the annual Art Deco Ball...and finds herself in the path of a killer.  

What's that you say?  You'd like a sneak peek?  Why sure...check out my website, 

You can buy IN A WITCH'S WARDROBE in oh-so-many places.  Please ask for it at your local independent bookstore (most will be happy to pre-order for you), find it on the shelves at the big retailers, or order on line from: 
Mysterious Galaxy
Barnes and Noble 

Oh, one more thing...did you know those first week sales are critical numbers for any author?  So if you're going to buy the book anyway, please consider pre-ordering or buying within the first week.  It's sort of like the first week's box-office sales for a movie...means I'm popular! 

And while we're talking pre-ordering...have you seen my new cover for MURDER ON THE HOUSE, coming out in December?   The third novel in theHaunted Home Renovation series, MOTH (cool, huh?) is in final copyedits at the moment, so it's moving right along!  In it, Mel Turner is vying to transform a gorgeous old Castro Street home into a haunted bed and breakfast...but in order to win the job she has to survive the night in the creaky old place.  Available for pre-order any time!!!


Dru said...

I love the new cover for Murder on the House. Cool!

Hailey.Juliet said...

Thanks Dru! I think it's pretty snazzy, myself ;-) i like that they put my dog on the front!

Mish said...

Silly question... if you pre-order, does that count towards your first week sales? I have always wondered. I wait to order during the first week thinking that is what I needed to do and sometimes, horrible me, I would forget. It would make my life a bit easier if pre-orders helped my favorite autors.

Hailey.Juliet said...

Not a silly question at all, Mish! YES, pre-orders count toward that first week's sale here's to the easy life! (and believe me, I can barely remember my own schedule, much less when my favorite books are being released ;-)) Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

I know that my birthday has come and gone but I'm so gonna get Lily Ivory's 4th adventure. Oh my. Will review it, too, after I've read it. Much like how I did for Secondhand Spirits and A Cast-off Covern. So excited. :D

- Mauie (The Traveling Reader)

Hailey.Juliet said...

Yay! Thanks Mauie -- can't wait to see the review!