Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ok, I'm not dead yet!

Hello to any and all my blog readers out there! One really distressing thing about these blog posts is that they are automatically dated, so everyone can see exactly how long it has been since I last posted anything on my blog. Doh! Mental slap on this writer's wrist. Somehow life managed to intervene...first the holidays, then a few family health issues, then a busy painting season.

But now I'm back, pledging to at least check in with some frequency.

First things first: The fourth instalment of the Art Lover's Mystery Series (featuring our intrepid heroine, Annie Kincaid) has been put on hold...temporarily. Arsenic and Old Paint, as it is tentatively titled, is nearly complete, but you'll have to wait to see exactly who Annie will wind up with, and how. Not to mention all those goodies about art forgery, art theft, and the wild and wacky art world in general.

In the meantime, I'm busily writing a new series about a failed anthropologist running her father's exclusive home remodel business in San Francisco. Sophie Tanner, is a little older and --probably--a bit wiser than Annie, but still a whole lot of fun. It's a blast getting to create a whole new cast of characters: a 16-year-old ex-stepson who won't go away, an ex-husband on his third wife, a curmedgeonly but loving dad, two unrepentant strippers, and several anthropologists and historians who get in on the act. I'll keep you posted about If Walls Could Talk, maybe even post a teaser now and then...

I'll post again soon...and this time, it's a promise!


Anonymous said...

Well, this was distressing on several levels. I was visiting to find out the name of the latest Annie Kincaid so I could stick it in my Amazon basket ... and it's on hold?

As great as the new series sounds, could you give us Kincaid lovers a time frame for when *Arsenic* will be published? And you made it sound like the final installment -- is that the case as well?

AnnaC said...

Believe me, I'm at least as sorry as you are not to be able to spend my time writing the future adventures of Annie, scourge of art forgers everywhere! I'm afraid the decision about when--and if-- to publish is entirely with the publisher. I have several more books planned for the Art Lover's Mystery Series, but though they're selling steadily, the publisher wants me to turn to a new project. Personally, I hope that interest in the first three books continues to swell, and that the new series will sell well so that the Art Lover's books will see renewed sales as well. If that happens, I believe I'll be able to publish at least a few more in the series. Yours in distress, Hailey (aka, Julie)