Monday, November 13, 2006

Feint of Art

Just in case Shooting Gallery was your first Annie Kincaid experience, I thought I would post some info on my first book, Feint of Art.


Annie breaks the news to her curator ex-boyfriend Ernst: his museum's new $15 million Caravaggio is a fake. Then the janitor is killed, Ernst disappears, and a dealer makes off with several Old Master drawings. If she breaks the case using her old connections, Annie can finally pay the rent. But doing so could also draw her back into the underworld of forgers she swore she'd left behind.

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1 comment:

Dani said...

Feint of Art.... now I want to know when Georges LeFleur is
finishing HIS manuscript! LOL.

And I'm trying to remember how I stumbled upon your book
to begin with .... via Ann Parker, to Margaret Dumas, to your
blog maybe? Or

At any rate, any book that lends respectability to copyists is
okay by me .... I grew up overseas and think it's a pity the
general public here can't buy decent oil paintings .... REAL
reproductions .... like a person in Europe can. American artists
are such snobs about the strangest things.

Thanks for a good read ... on to the next tome.